Is easy to take beautiful portraits when you are by a lake. The trees and the reflection in the water give an amazing background.

Beautiful lake portrait explorer
The image above is a great example of a beautiful lake portrait. For this picture, I used natural lighting and placed the subject in a position that will light his eyes. is important to portray emotions when taking portrays to help the audience to connect with the pictures.

Beautiful Lake Portrait – flashlight

beautiful lake portrait flashlight
For this beautiful lake portrait, I used a flashlight to light the subject’s face at a 45-degree angle. Is important to use a flashlight when you are looking to have a well-exposed background. because of the flashlight, I was able to get good lighting in the eyes and hair of the subject to bring more emotion into the portrait.

Beautiful Lake Portrait – Situational

beautiful lake portrait climber with robe

Another great thing to do when taking beautiful lake portraits is to add some props to the subject. When you add props to the subject or make them do something the portrait turns into a story which leads to bringing up the emotion in the picture. Here the subject has all his climbing gear but sometimes something simple as a walking stick helps to tell a great story.

Think out of the box, experiment

beautiful lake portrait, girl siting in lake.
In this last picture, the subject is wearing a wet dress. Again we are telling a story that helps us to bring emotion into the picture. Because the water was very shallow the subject was able to sit in the lake and pose. Take advantage of every little thing that you might have.

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