Personal Style Project

I have always been fascinated by how different cultures are. For my Personal Style Project, I decided to capture the beauty of cultures through their people.

An old Maori proverb says: He aha te mea nui o te ao? He tāngata, he tāngata, he tāngata.

Translation: What is the most important thing in this world? It is people, it is people, it is people.

For my Personal Style Project, I knew that I wanted to take portraits of a great variety of models. What a best way to point to the beauty of different cultures than through portraits.

Ra Tascon - Personal Style Project
Ra Tascon - Personal Style Project

To take these pictures I used a technique called invisible black backdrop chack this link to learn more about it.

Student Photography Portfolio

Let me show you my Student Photography Portfolio. The purpose of this portfolio is to show how broad my photography skills are and the type of photography that I can take.

This Student Photography Portfolio includes a great variety of photos. it has architectural photography interior and exterior, landscapes, portraits couple portraits, Product photography, light painting, etc. During the last three months, I took all these photos. As I worked towards building this portfolio my skills got better and better and my confidence in using a camera grew. I could say that I’m very proficient in different types of photography.

If we could talk about my style I would say that is the opposite of minimalistic. I want to show everything that is happening when I take the picture. some of my pictures might be a little busy, but I try to organize everything that is happening in the pictures by using a good composition. My favorite type of shots are symmetric shots. I really like centered shots.

Ra Tascon - Student Photography Portfolio - path
Ra Tascon - Student Photography Portfolio - cabin
Ra Tascon - Student Photography Portfolio - Room
Ra Tascon - Student Photography Portfolio Product
Ra Tascon - bread
Ra Tascon - Bracketed bridge
Ra Tascon - Student Photography Portfolio - Light Painting
Ra Tascon - Student Photography Portfolio - Dia de muertos
Ra Tascon Students of Different Cultures
Ra Tascon - Student Photography Portfolio Spiderman
Ra Tascon - Teenagers
Ra Tascon - Couple
Ra Tascon Simple man portraits
Ra Tascon -  portrait

I have had a good time taking all these pictures. it has been a wonderful experience to learn more about photography and realize what I am capable of. at the beginning of the semester when I started taking pictures my skills weren’t great, but as I started practicing and taking more and more pictures I became better at it. I have also found my personal style and what I enjoy taking pictures of the most. I could say that the type of photography I enjoy doing the most are landscapes and photojournalism. don’t take me wrong I really like taking pictures of anything. I am a storyteller and as long as I can tell a story through my pictures I will enjoy the photography that I do. if you want to get better add your photography skills just keep practicing and experiment with different styles of photography because that will help you to increase your skills even if you don’t enjoy those styles.

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Students of Different Cultures

When I think about cultures the first thing that comes to my mind is the people of those cultures. That is why I wanted to photograph students of different cultures.

My favorite type of photography is the ones with people on them. I wanted to create this project because I want to show how beautiful are the different races in this world and how we can empathize better with other cultures when we see the lights in the eyes of other people.

Ra Tascon Students of Different Cultures Latino
Ra Tascon - Taiwanese Student
Ra Tascon  - American sudent
Ra Tascon Students of Different Cultures  White hispanic
Ra Tascon Blond girl Student
Ra Tascon Students of Different Cultures  Asian

I have always been fascinated by different cultures and the different things that they do. when you look at a culture there are many things to point like food, traditions, festivities, buildings, etc. But the most fascinating thing is the people in those cultures the way they talk, the way they act, but especially the way they look. I have always loved the facial features of different races I think that the things that makes us different are the same things that unites us all. I am a firm believer that multiculturalism makes any place or Society better. when people from different backgrounds and mindsets come together they are able to achieve magnificent things because they can see a problem or a solution from different points of view.

If we talk about symbolism we could say that the people in the pictures represent the different races, but the black background represents the similarities between every culture. the technique that I used when I took this pictures is something called invisible black backdrop you achieve the black background by using a low  F stop and a Speedlight. by taking pictures of students of different cultures I hope to create a sense of unity and understanding in those that might see this pictures.

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Interior Architecture Photography

These are some pictures of Interior Architecture Photography. Let me share some things that I learned while I took them.

Ra tascon - Interior Architecture Photography

Interior Architecture Photography – Camera position

Ra tascon - Interior Architecture Photography  Beds
Ra tascon - Interior Architecture Photography  Bedroom

Some good tips when taking indoor photography is to set your tripod at hip level. the reason for this is because when the tripod is at the hip level it shows more of the ceilings and of the floors. Also, many times when you take pictures of people you set your camera at eye level because they are your subject.  in the case of indoor photography, the furniture is your subject so you would set the camera at its eye level. Setting the camera at the hip level also makes the rooms look bigger because technically it is a low angle.

Interior Architecture Photography – Tell a story

Ra tascon - Kitchen Food
Ra tascon - Bathroom sink

Telling stories through pictures is always very important because it enhances the message that you want to give. A living room or a kitchen turns into an experience which is something that most people can relate to. The first picture shows a platter of snacks this could make you think about parties or gatherings that you could have with friends or family and the good times that you could spend with them. The second picture shows a very luxurious sink.  When you look at this type of picture it makes you think. If the sink looks like this just imagine how the rest of the house would look like.  Sometimes an item or a piece of furniture can enhance the overall architecture of a house.

Explore Different Angles

Ra tascon - Interior Architecture Photography - living room
Ra tascon - Interior Architecture Photography  Cauches big windows

There are multiple ways to look at something that is why I’m telling you to explore different angles. In the pictures above the main subject is the living room, but the background changes. In the first picture, you can see the kitchen and the dining room it gives you an idea of the space that you could have in this house.  In the second picture, you can see the big windows and this could help you to have an idea of the beautiful landscapes that you could see through them.

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Outdoor Architecture Photography

Shots of Outdoor Architecture photography that I took in Island Park Idaho. I will explain some things that I learned as I took them.

Ra Tascon - Outdoor Architecture Photography Cabin

Outdoor Architecture photography – Tell a story

Ra tascon Cabin and Logs
Ra Tascon -  kayak and cabin

For these two pictures of outdoor photography, I use the foreground to tell a story in the first picture I use the logs of wood to talk about the coziness that you could have in the cabin, and in the second picture, I use the kayak boat to tell the story of all the adventures that you could have in the river next to the cabin.

Most importantly I wanted to capture the foreground to give a better dimension to the picture. When taking any type of picture or video material is important to consider the foreground and the background to have a more interesting image.

Architecture photography – Explore low angles

Ra Tascon - Outdoor Architecture Photography Cabin low angle
Ra tascon Cabin

When taking photographs of buildings is important to explore low angles. Low angles make the subject look powerful and with authority, it applies to people and also to buildings as well. I wanted this cabin to look big and majestic that is why I decided to shoot from low angles and make it look impressive.

Take Variants of the photos.

Ra Tascon Cabin and River
Ra Tascon - Outdoor Architecture Photography Cabin and river

The two pictures above are very similar the first one is a center shot of the cabin and the second one has the cabin on the right side. Both of the pictures are visually appealing. In the first one, we have a nice center shot where you can see the leaves in the river. but in the second one, we play more with the rule of thirds and on top of that, we show more of the river and the woods. Both pictures are good is just a matter of preference.

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Printing Fine Art Photography

Printing Fine Art Photography is important to be able to share your work in a new different way. Print the photos you are most proud of.

Printing Fine Art Photography – Choose a picture

Ra Tascon Printing Fine Art Photography

When taking photos of fine art, it is always a good idea to print them and sell them. Oftentimes people want to hang beautiful pieces of art in their living room. When you think about this, you might feel intimidated that your photography is not worthy to be hanging in anybody’s walls, but the reality is that there are people who would be willing to pay for printings of your photos. When printing your pictures, one of the best options is to print them on metallic paper and mounted on styrene. This helps to preserve the pictures safe and to keep and enhance the bright colors and textures on them.

the picture above was taken in Yellowstone. it is a beautiful picture with a central path. for some people pictures could have different interpretations or could be just a nice addition to their wall. for that picture, I did some bracketing if you don’t know what is bracketing let me explain it really fast. Bracketing is when you take three different pictures at different exposures and then you merge them together. the reason why you would do this is to have a better exposure of the overall image and have better control over the lighting, the shadows, and the textures of the image. To be able to do bracketing is recommended to have a tripod so that the pictures can merge well.

Ra Tascon Printing Fine Art Photography - Sample

This picture above is just an example of how your photography can look when you print it and frame it. Landscapes and setups can be a nice pice of art to decorate any space.

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Product Ad Photography Epic Setups

I will explain how I did these Product Ad Photography Epic Setups. I will also explain how did I plan for them.

Ra Tascon Product Ad Photography Epic Setups

Product Ad Photography Epic Setups – Outdoor

Ra Tascon Product Ad CocaCola

I went for a minimalistic look in the image. Since the product is super famous everyone knows what it does. I said to myself to only use one word and nothing else. since the picture of the coke is outside I wanted to go for an explorer theme or a refreshing theme so I choose the exploring theme. The message of the image is simple. The word anywhere connotates that you can drink a coke anywhere you are. The Image is telling you that there is no need for a specific place or moment in time to drink a coke. On the other hand, also the ad is open for interpretation. The audience can decide what do they want to get from it. this could be beneficial because it makes them ponder about Your message, but it could also be a problem because Might not want to think about it.


To be able to get a well-exposed image I decided to do bracketing. when you do bracketing you take 3 images at different exposures. This helps you to Have a bigger range of contrast and light. I decided to do bracketing because I wanted to have a very crispy image.


Ra Tascon Product Ad Photography Epic Setup

Will be able to get the effect of blur in the water I had to use a tripod. the reason of using a tripod is to keep the camera still and avoid shakiness on it. to capture the blur in the water you need to use a high shutter speed

Product Ad Photography Epic Setups – Indoor

Ra Tascon Product Ad Photography Epic Setups Fossil Watch

For this last picture, I don’t have a photo of the setup that I use, but the journal and the watch were on top of a white glass that was lighted from above and below. For the Ad, I went for a more minimalistic look and only included the logo.

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Indoor and outdoor Product Photography

Look at these cool setups of indoor and outdoor product photography. I hope that they help you to get some ideas to create your own and make epic product photography.

Ra Tascon Bread and Salami

Indoor and outdoor Product Photography – Indoor

Indoor Food photography

Ra Tascon Indoor and outdoor Product Photography - Bread and salami
Ra Tascon Indoor and outdoor Product Photography - Martinellis
Ra Tascon  - Bread and fire

Food photography is very interesting, many times food has rich textures which helps food to stand out. one of the best things to do when shooting food is to add props or elements that will enhance the food itself. For example, in the bread and salami picture you have the wood board and the mat underneath. In the bottle picture, you have I snack food table underneath, in the breath picture you have a tablecloth and a fireplace in the background. adding elements to your product will help to enhance the photo and the story that you are telling.

Indoor procuct photography

Ra Tascon Indoor Watch Product Photography
Ra Tasco candle Product Photography
Ra Tascon  Lemon juice Product Photography

The great thing about taking indoor product photography is that you have better control of the lighting. you can set as many lights as you want to play with the highlights and the shadows of your photos. For the picture of the watch I use constant lighting, I set LED lights above and below. for the picture of the candle, it was constant lighting as well with diffusion, and for the last picture of the lemon juice, I used a flashlight.

Indoor and outdoor Product Photography – Outdoor

Ra Tascon  outdoor Product Photography - CocaCola
Ra Tascon Indoor and outdoor Product Photography - Green stone
Ra Tascon Outdoor  Maori necklace

One of the best benefits of doing outdoor product photography is the lighting. Natural lighting is beautiful when you know how to use it in your favor. sometimes when the light is too intense you will have to change the diffusion in the light but you seen a reflector or a diffuser. When the light is too low you will have to use slides or change the settings in your camera to get a better exposure of your image.

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Accessories and Objects Photography

These are some simple shots of Accessories and Objects Photography. Looking at these shots will give you ideas of what to look for when shooting accessories.

Accessories and Objects Photography – Close up

Ra Tascon Accessories and Objects sphere
Ra Tascon Accessories and Objects flowers
Ra Tascon halloween Objects

Every time you do a shoot is always a good idea to get some close-ups of what is happening. sometimes we are so obsessed with capturing the big picture that we forget about the small little details. Always take close-ups of Accessories and Objects. It will help you to have a better story to tell.


Ra Tascon Wedding Accessories
Ra Tascon Accessories Wedding
Ra Tascon Accessories head pice
Ra Tascon watch
Ra Tascon  Objects sombrero
Ra Tascon Accessories and Objects close up
Ra Tascon Accessories and Objects shoes

The importance of taking pictures of objects and accessories is to tell the story better. If you watch a movie you will notice that there are many close-ups of objects and accessories. The reason why this happens is to enhance the story. These types of shots immerse you and help you to understand the details of the bigger picture. They are also very fun to take so why not get a little closer and show the details.

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Portraits of Couples

These are some simple portraits of Couples. You can get some good ideas for lighting and poses. Or just have fun looking at the pictures.

Portraits of Couples – Symetry

Ra Tascon Portraits of Couples
when you take portraits of couples the symmetry plays a great part in the pictures. Sometimes you just have to place your subjects in the centre of the frame or use the scene to centre them. For example in the picture above the couple hold hands and the frame of the door gives symmetry to the picture there is a balance.

Portraits of Couples – Situational

Ra Tascon Portrait Chrismas
Ra Tascon Portraits of Couples  Friends

When doing situational portraits of couples you have so many options. the subjects can interact with each other or interact with the environment. The point is to tell a story through your pictures. Use the objects at hand and make a fun story happen it just requires some imagination and a couple of shots. Don’t be afraid of moving your subject to a more interesting area or even recreating a fun situation like with the two guys. Often times taking a great portrait takes a great effort; put the work into it and make it happen. Create a scene, position the models, manipulate the light and take that shot.

Portraits – Lights

Ra Tascon Portrait Dia de muertos

The light is something that you can manipulate in your favor most of the time. If you use the lights to your advantage you will be able to take awesome portraits. the fun thing about the lights is that you can change the intensity, color, position, and diffusion. this can help you to be creative and capture a great portrait of anyone. when working with lights always take into consideration the shadows as well be every time you change a light think about how the shadows will react.

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