Look at these cool setups of indoor and outdoor product photography. I hope that they help you to get some ideas to create your own and make epic product photography.

Ra Tascon Bread and Salami

Indoor and outdoor Product Photography – Indoor

Indoor Food photography

Ra Tascon Indoor and outdoor Product Photography - Bread and salami
Ra Tascon Indoor and outdoor Product Photography - Martinellis
Ra Tascon  - Bread and fire

Food photography is very interesting, many times food has rich textures which helps food to stand out. one of the best things to do when shooting food is to add props or elements that will enhance the food itself. For example, in the bread and salami picture you have the wood board and the mat underneath. In the bottle picture, you have I snack food table underneath, in the breath picture you have a tablecloth and a fireplace in the background. adding elements to your product will help to enhance the photo and the story that you are telling.

Indoor procuct photography

Ra Tascon Indoor Watch Product Photography
Ra Tasco candle Product Photography
Ra Tascon  Lemon juice Product Photography

The great thing about taking indoor product photography is that you have better control of the lighting. you can set as many lights as you want to play with the highlights and the shadows of your photos. For the picture of the watch I use constant lighting, I set LED lights above and below. for the picture of the candle, it was constant lighting as well with diffusion, and for the last picture of the lemon juice, I used a flashlight.

Indoor and outdoor Product Photography – Outdoor

Ra Tascon  outdoor Product Photography - CocaCola
Ra Tascon Indoor and outdoor Product Photography - Green stone
Ra Tascon Outdoor  Maori necklace

One of the best benefits of doing outdoor product photography is the lighting. Natural lighting is beautiful when you know how to use it in your favor. sometimes when the light is too intense you will have to change the diffusion in the light but you seen a reflector or a diffuser. When the light is too low you will have to use slides or change the settings in your camera to get a better exposure of your image.

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