Long exposure indoor light painting setups. When you do light painting indoors you have better control of the light and the darkness so you could use that to your advantage.

Indoor light painting setup of vegetables

Indoor light Painting Kitchen Vegetables

When doing light paintings the principle of chiaroscuro is very important. understanding the contrast between light and darkness makes a big difference. in this indoor light painting setup, the colorful vegetables tell a great story. it almost makes you wonder what is going to be cooked.

Indoor light painting setup vintage camera

light Painting Vintage Camera

In this light painting, the cord of the camera helps to enhance the picture. for this light painting set up the camera was placed on a fur coat that gave more texture to the image.

Indoor light painting setup gnome

Light Painting Gnome House

The setup of this light painting was very simple. I wanted to create some moonlight but at the same time create keep that chiaroscuro effect in the picture.

Indoor light painting setup grandma’s jewels

Light painting grandma’s jewels

In this light painting setup, the darkness of the background wraps beautifully to the objects in this picture. This was a very challenging picture because the amount of light that is required to light the pearls was different from the amount of light required to light the rest of the scene.

If you want to look at some other light paintings here is a link to my professor’s portfolio of light paintings. also, check my outdoor light painting.