These are some pictures of Interior Architecture Photography. Let me share some things that I learned while I took them.

Ra tascon - Interior Architecture Photography

Interior Architecture Photography – Camera position

Ra tascon - Interior Architecture Photography  Beds
Ra tascon - Interior Architecture Photography  Bedroom

Some good tips when taking indoor photography is to set your tripod at hip level. the reason for this is because when the tripod is at the hip level it shows more of the ceilings and of the floors. Also, many times when you take pictures of people you set your camera at eye level because they are your subject.  in the case of indoor photography, the furniture is your subject so you would set the camera at its eye level. Setting the camera at the hip level also makes the rooms look bigger because technically it is a low angle.

Interior Architecture Photography – Tell a story

Ra tascon - Kitchen Food
Ra tascon - Bathroom sink

Telling stories through pictures is always very important because it enhances the message that you want to give. A living room or a kitchen turns into an experience which is something that most people can relate to. The first picture shows a platter of snacks this could make you think about parties or gatherings that you could have with friends or family and the good times that you could spend with them. The second picture shows a very luxurious sink.  When you look at this type of picture it makes you think. If the sink looks like this just imagine how the rest of the house would look like.  Sometimes an item or a piece of furniture can enhance the overall architecture of a house.

Explore Different Angles

Ra tascon - Interior Architecture Photography - living room
Ra tascon - Interior Architecture Photography  Cauches big windows

There are multiple ways to look at something that is why I’m telling you to explore different angles. In the pictures above the main subject is the living room, but the background changes. In the first picture, you can see the kitchen and the dining room it gives you an idea of the space that you could have in this house.  In the second picture, you can see the big windows and this could help you to have an idea of the beautiful landscapes that you could see through them.

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