Creating a Mockup Poster of the TV show La Casa de papel

For my comm 316 class, I had to recreate a movie poster of a movie or show that I like. so the show that I choose was La Casa de Papel. This show has gain fame in the last 2 years and I love that it is in my native tongue Spanish.

To create the movie poster of La Casa de Papel that you see above I merge two images one of my face and one of another poster that I found in the web. These are the two images that I used:

How did I merge the two pictures.

It was a simple process. I put both images In photoshop and size my face to the same size as the poster and play with the lighting of my picture to match the lighting of the poster. I also added the movie text at the bottom of the poster to make it look more like a movie poster. That is how i made my personalized movie poster of La Casa de Papel.

lastly, I leave a picture with you of the setup that my team and I used to take my picture.

Here is a link to a place where you can buy similar posters for decoration with all the other characters of the show.