When you do long exposure photography you leave the shutter open for a long period of time. To be able to do long exposure photography you need to understand light and darkness.

light painting. Long exposure light and darkness

Long Exposure Light painting.

The picture above shows a technique called light painting. To be able to create a light painting you have to lock the focus in the object of interest and then set your shutter to 15-20 seconds. then the fun part begins, with a flash light you need to light the entire picture or the points of interest within it.

Long exposure light painting dark background

The picture above is another light painting. The principle is the same a long shutter and with a flashlight, you light the scene. To be able to understand more about long exposure light and darkness is important to understand the concept of chiaroscuro.

Astrophotography light and darkness

Is important to remember that stars are also a source of light. To be able to capture the stars in the night sky you have to have a shutter speed above 15 sec. In the picture above you can see that I did some light painting as well in those trees and the river.

Light Tubes long exposure.

When you do long exposure any source of light that moves will leave a trace of light behind it giving you the opportunity to use your creativity in different ways. probably you have seen pictures of cars where their lights leave a trace behind them. it is the same concept long exposure.

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