Shots of Outdoor Architecture photography that I took in Island Park Idaho. I will explain some things that I learned as I took them.

Ra Tascon - Outdoor Architecture Photography Cabin

Outdoor Architecture photography – Tell a story

Ra tascon Cabin and Logs
Ra Tascon -  kayak and cabin

For these two pictures of outdoor photography, I use the foreground to tell a story in the first picture I use the logs of wood to talk about the coziness that you could have in the cabin, and in the second picture, I use the kayak boat to tell the story of all the adventures that you could have in the river next to the cabin.

Most importantly I wanted to capture the foreground to give a better dimension to the picture. When taking any type of picture or video material is important to consider the foreground and the background to have a more interesting image.

Architecture photography – Explore low angles

Ra Tascon - Outdoor Architecture Photography Cabin low angle
Ra tascon Cabin

When taking photographs of buildings is important to explore low angles. Low angles make the subject look powerful and with authority, it applies to people and also to buildings as well. I wanted this cabin to look big and majestic that is why I decided to shoot from low angles and make it look impressive.

Take Variants of the photos.

Ra Tascon Cabin and River
Ra Tascon - Outdoor Architecture Photography Cabin and river

The two pictures above are very similar the first one is a center shot of the cabin and the second one has the cabin on the right side. Both of the pictures are visually appealing. In the first one, we have a nice center shot where you can see the leaves in the river. but in the second one, we play more with the rule of thirds and on top of that, we show more of the river and the woods. Both pictures are good is just a matter of preference.

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