I want to show you some phone photography creations that I took last weekend. I also want to show you how to take pictures like these. These pictures were taken in Riverfront Retreat. This is a beautiful place in Island Park Idaho.

How did I take this phone photography creations?

The first picture I took was a panoramic photo. Nowadays most phones have the capability of taking panoramic pictures. These panoramic pictures allow you to take more than what you see in the frame of a normal picture. These pictures are usually long and tall or long and wide. To take a panoramic picture you have to go to your camera settings and look for a panoramic take option.

Another technique that you can use to take great phone photography creations is lens compression. That is right! not only professional cameras with big lenses can achieve lens compression. Phones can achieve lens compression as well. It works the same way as it would in a normal camera. if you are close to the subject the background will be far away. If you are far from the subject and zoom in on the subject the background will be closer. I the following photos my subject was the rocks and the tree and my background was the bridge.

For my last set of phone photography creations, I want to show you how to create depth of field in pictures with a phone. Here the amount of depth that you create with the phone is not much but is something. You have to get close to your subject and change to a mode in your phone where you can change the aperture of your camera. You want to get a low aperture in your phone camera. in my case, the lowest it would go was f/2.4. These are the two pictures, one with depth and one without

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