These are some simple portraits of Couples. You can get some good ideas for lighting and poses. Or just have fun looking at the pictures.

Portraits of Couples – Symetry

Ra Tascon Portraits of Couples
when you take portraits of couples the symmetry plays a great part in the pictures. Sometimes you just have to place your subjects in the centre of the frame or use the scene to centre them. For example in the picture above the couple hold hands and the frame of the door gives symmetry to the picture there is a balance.

Portraits of Couples – Situational

Ra Tascon Portrait Chrismas
Ra Tascon Portraits of Couples  Friends

When doing situational portraits of couples you have so many options. the subjects can interact with each other or interact with the environment. The point is to tell a story through your pictures. Use the objects at hand and make a fun story happen it just requires some imagination and a couple of shots. Don’t be afraid of moving your subject to a more interesting area or even recreating a fun situation like with the two guys. Often times taking a great portrait takes a great effort; put the work into it and make it happen. Create a scene, position the models, manipulate the light and take that shot.

Portraits – Lights

Ra Tascon Portrait Dia de muertos

The light is something that you can manipulate in your favor most of the time. If you use the lights to your advantage you will be able to take awesome portraits. the fun thing about the lights is that you can change the intensity, color, position, and diffusion. this can help you to be creative and capture a great portrait of anyone. when working with lights always take into consideration the shadows as well be every time you change a light think about how the shadows will react.

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