I will explain how I did these Product Ad Photography Epic Setups. I will also explain how did I plan for them.

Ra Tascon Product Ad Photography Epic Setups

Product Ad Photography Epic Setups – Outdoor

Ra Tascon Product Ad CocaCola

I went for a minimalistic look in the image. Since the product is super famous everyone knows what it does. I said to myself to only use one word and nothing else. since the picture of the coke is outside I wanted to go for an explorer theme or a refreshing theme so I choose the exploring theme. The message of the image is simple. The word anywhere connotates that you can drink a coke anywhere you are. The Image is telling you that there is no need for a specific place or moment in time to drink a coke. On the other hand, also the ad is open for interpretation. The audience can decide what do they want to get from it. this could be beneficial because it makes them ponder about Your message, but it could also be a problem because Might not want to think about it.


To be able to get a well-exposed image I decided to do bracketing. when you do bracketing you take 3 images at different exposures. This helps you to Have a bigger range of contrast and light. I decided to do bracketing because I wanted to have a very crispy image.


Ra Tascon Product Ad Photography Epic Setup

Will be able to get the effect of blur in the water I had to use a tripod. the reason of using a tripod is to keep the camera still and avoid shakiness on it. to capture the blur in the water you need to use a high shutter speed

Product Ad Photography Epic Setups – Indoor

Ra Tascon Product Ad Photography Epic Setups Fossil Watch

For this last picture, I don’t have a photo of the setup that I use, but the journal and the watch were on top of a white glass that was lighted from above and below. For the Ad, I went for a more minimalistic look and only included the logo.

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