These are some simple portraits of women. You can get some good ideas for lighting and poses. Or just have fun looking at the pictures.

Simple Woman Portraits – Lights

Ra Tascon - Simple Women Portraits lights
Ra Tascon - SBlue lights portrait

For the simple woman portraits above I used blue and pink lights. When taking portraits you always need to use light in your favor. Is always good to have a key light but what if you change the color of the light? The beauty of light is that it can be manipulated in multiple ways.

Simple Women Portraits – Situational

Ra Tascon - Portraits ballet
Ra Tascon - Simple Women Portraits Wedding
Ra Tascon - Portraits Wedding

When taking simple women portraits is always fun to recreate some meaningful moments of their life. It could be something that they love like recreating the day of their wedding or their ballet class. With situational portraits, the models wear accessories or clothes that tell the story. They can also do things that portrait the situation they are in.

Simple Women Portraits – Poses

Ra Tascon - Simple Women Portraits pose
Ra Tascon - Portraits Christmas
Ra Tascon - Simple Women Portraits Blond

For a successful portrait, communication with the model is essential. You have to communicate with them and ask them what to do especially when working with people that have never modeled before. Sometimes just telling is not enough. You will have to pose for the actors and show them what are you looking for. another good option is to show the models images of the poses that you want.

Ra Tascon - Simple Women Portraits hot coco
Ra Tascon - smile portrait

When working with the models experiment with different things. sometimes instead of posing just ask the models to hold something and smile. There are so many possibilities to what you can do and achieve with the people that model for you just experiment. Don’t be afraid of trying different things the worst thing that can happen is that you get a bad picture. The rewards are greater than the risks.

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