When I think about cultures the first thing that comes to my mind is the people of those cultures. That is why I wanted to photograph students of different cultures.

My favorite type of photography is the ones with people on them. I wanted to create this project because I want to show how beautiful are the different races in this world and how we can empathize better with other cultures when we see the lights in the eyes of other people.

Ra Tascon Students of Different Cultures Latino
Ra Tascon - Taiwanese Student
Ra Tascon  - American sudent
Ra Tascon Students of Different Cultures  White hispanic
Ra Tascon Blond girl Student
Ra Tascon Students of Different Cultures  Asian

I have always been fascinated by different cultures and the different things that they do. when you look at a culture there are many things to point like food, traditions, festivities, buildings, etc. But the most fascinating thing is the people in those cultures the way they talk, the way they act, but especially the way they look. I have always loved the facial features of different races I think that the things that makes us different are the same things that unites us all. I am a firm believer that multiculturalism makes any place or Society better. when people from different backgrounds and mindsets come together they are able to achieve magnificent things because they can see a problem or a solution from different points of view.

If we talk about symbolism we could say that the people in the pictures represent the different races, but the black background represents the similarities between every culture. the technique that I used when I took this pictures is something called invisible black backdrop you achieve the black background by using a low  F stop and a Speedlight. by taking pictures of students of different cultures I hope to create a sense of unity and understanding in those that might see this pictures.

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